Cultural Reforesting

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The 2020s has been defined as the decade in which we need to address the ecological crises of our time.  

Cultural Reforesting is Orleans House Gallery taking a stand. It is a provocation, open to all to interpret and define.  

Over the next three years we invite everyone to join us in the historic and complex, wild and magical grounds of Orleans House Gallery, our local ecosystem. The site will become an artistic laboratory. A space for asking questions, sharing ideas and learning how our relationship with nature, as part of nature, can evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  

Through championing artist-led research and investigative, experimental practice we will interrogate how we can renew this relationship. How can we overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by the scale of the problems? How can action feel like a proactive solution, not a sacrifice of our lifestyles? How can we comprehend our place within a wider global ecosystem? How can we tell the story of our renewed place in nature?  

This multi-year programme will see Orleans House Gallery cultivate and nurture collaborations.  Through inviting artists, scientists, researchers, communities, schools and decision makers to join us we hope to place Richmond at the forefront of collective action.  

The first chapter in this evolving programme is Remember the Future. A group exhibition and intertwined series of artist-led research projects evolving throughout 2021. Discover more about the programme here: Remember the Future Art Exhibition  

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