Cultural Reforesting

Kinship Workshop

 cows © Kinship Workshop 
 cows © Kinship Workshop 

Kinship Workshop is an annual programme of seasonal nature connection workshops. Participants are invited into an experiential and embodied relationship to nature, landscape and other species through grounding physical practices. After five successful years of taking participants out into nature, co-facilitators Tom Goodwin, Katye Coe plus other collaborators are very happy to be engaging in a year-long Cultural Reforesting residency at Orleans House Gallery, looking at how embodied practices in nature might bring nature-centred thinking into organisational structures. 

Kinship Workshop:

Tom Goodwin – founder and co-facilitator 

Katye Coe – co-facilitator 

Plus collaborators: 

Holly Thomasdance artist 

Chand Starin Basi – group facilitator and psychotherapist 

Poh-Eng San – facilitator and doula 

Natifah White – dance artist-researcher 

Becky Horneplacement dance artist 

Sophie Holland – placement dance artist 

Kinship Workshop will be based in and around Orleans House Gallery for periods in May, June and into the Autumn. The team will be given time to reflect on the last five years of activity and then to review, revise and re-imagine how Kinship Workshop operates to be more impactful in the future. 

Visit the Kinship Workshop website for more information: Kinship Workshop

Here are some offerings from Kinship Workshop during this time:

About the Kinship Workshop team: 

Kinship Workshop facilitator and founder Tom Goodwin has a background in various movement practices and somatic trainings including dance, martial arts and bodywork, and has extensive experience in teaching and facilitation ( 

Kinship Workshop draws from his experiences of spending time with other animals both in sanctuaries and through wild and domestic encounters. He completed an internship at The Kerulos Center in 2014 studying trans-species psychology and self-determination (internship overview video link), from which developed the material included in Kinship Workshop. 

Katye Coe has been involved with Kinship Workshop since 2016 and joined as a facilitator in 2018. Katye is a dancer, performer and teacher working collaboratively in the UK and internationally ( Katye is a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher and has completed 4 years of site and movement work in Helen Poynor’s Walk of Life Programme. 

Katye grew up on a farm and later worked extensively alongside horses. Her intention in the context of Kinship Workshops relates to the importance of negotiating our place among other animals in these current times. 

Contributors to Kinship Workshop’s residency include dance artist Holly Thomas, group facilitator and psychotherapist Chand Starin Basi, facilitator and doula Poh-Eng San, dance artist-researcher Natifah White, and 2023 placements dance artists Becky Horne and Sophie Holland.