Talk & Draw

Talk and Draw is a dementia friendly session hosted on the first Thursday of the month, exploring our exhibitions through conversation and art making.

Delivered in partnership with the Richmond Alzheimer’s Society.

Thursday 7 February 10.30am–12.30pm £6 per person
Thursday 7 March 10.30am–12.30pm £6 per person

The Art of Wellbeing

Creating art is calming, meditative, and a personal journey. In these free sessions we aim to support you in this journey, teach you techniques, and encourage you to experiment with materials. These sessions are designed to help you unwind and support your wellbeing.

Thursday 10 January 12–2pm Clay Free
Thursday 14 February 12–2pm Drawing Free
Thursday 14 March 12–2pm Painting Free

For more information about our community sessions, email artseducation@richmond.gov.uk or telephone 020 8831 6000.