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Friday 24 August 2018

‘Collection Curiosities’

Curiosity (noun): an unusual or interesting object or fact.

Spark your curiosity and discover some of our more unusual pieces in Collection Curiosities, an exhibition which celebrates the weird and wonderful from the Richmond Borough Art Collection.

From Saturday 25 August to Sunday 25 November a display of over seventy strange, fascinating and sometimes surreal works are taking centre stage, as we share some of the more curious collections from our storeroom including this necklace.

Did you know Sir Richard Burton: the famous Victorian explorer, writer and translator brought back many unusual souvenirs from his adventures around the world? He claimed this necklace was a gift from the King of Dahomey who said it was made from human bone, but is all as it seems?

Explore the exhibition after work on Wednesday 29 August, 6-8pm. Meet our Curator and visit our new Study Gallery over light refreshments.

Free, drop-in, no need to book.