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Friday 2 November 2018

What does a Gallery sound like?

Join us on Saturday 3 November for the launch of Odyssey: A 3D Sound Exploration.  Sonic Artist & Composer Kerry Nixon has been working with groups from across West London to interpret the adventures of the Victorian explorer, Sir Richard Burton. Odyssey is an immersive sensory exploration using poetry, spoken-word, music, and sound design that has culminated in a final sound installation. Discover how the piece was made with short poetry, spoken word, electronic music and sound-design sessions.

Saturday 3 November, 10am – 1pm.

Free, drop-in event, suitable for all.


  • Kerry Nixon – Composer, Producer, Sound Artist
  • Caleb Knightley – 3D Sound Designer
  • Cara Horgan – Actress
  • Will Knightley – Actor

Links to incidental music used and huge thanks to:

Santur Track by Peyman Heydarian
Sitar by Kaiho
SFX Track
Prayer Track
Indian Carnatic Music – Singing
Navatman Music Collective…_WFMU_5132017/