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Friday 22 March 2019

(Even More) Artists Unveiled!

Find out more about three more of our 11 incredible Reimagine artists. Check back over the next few days for more!

Jem Panufnik

The Extraordinary View From Richmond Hill, Jem Panufnik

Twickenham-born and bred, Jem Panufnik takes great pleasure and inspiration from the local parks and riverside. His involvement in underground art culture, most notably with his co-founded music label Finger Lickin’ Records, acted as a springboard for his creativity ranging from graphics, illustration and animation to DJing, composition and record production.

Kate Clark

Detail from Kate Clark's Sketch Book

Coming from a fashion background, Kate’s work focuses on textiles, primarily in embroidery and print. Her intention is to create work that captures the excitement and interest of the viewer in the same way we used to see things as children. Her work explores fantasy and play, and encourages the viewer to see the world with hope, endless possibility and adventure.

Latifa Neyazi

Detail of Untitled, Latifa Neyazi

Latifa Neyazi, a womenswear designer, finds her attention naturally drawn to the female form. She describes the crucial aspect of her craft as representing a woman who steps outside of the set notions surrounding her body. Art allows her to dissect and explore content, creating thought-provoking work which continues to develop and grow.