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Thursday 23 May 2019

Meet our Stables Gallery Artists

We are excited to announce our new Stables Gallery Artists, Abby and Alice. Throughout June they will be inviting visitors big and small to take part in the ‘Laboratory’ through a series of Public ‘Playtests’. The results will culminate in a final series of immersive, gamified multi-sensory installations for the final exhibition, The Overview Effect open from 4 July – 30 September.

Here they tell us a little bit more about the concept behind their work;

“Our work is multi – disciplinary, site specific and interactive: we like making environments that people can be in, that have stories and that rely on audiences being active and having agency.

We are offering an alternative natural space for those who have chosen to leave their current environment. We know we need to improve the conditions of living and would like to find out your priorities and concerns. If you would like to take this new opportunity you will be given the tools and materials of your chosen habitat to build a new natural structure. Your views will help us inform our plans for the environment we plan to build you in the future.

Throughout our residency at Orleans House Gallery we want to explore the notion of Grottos as artificial natural structures, offering the sanctuary of a new landscape in the face of looming climate change. The geological era we are living in, known as the anthropocene, is so named because the activities of the human species are influencing the Earth’s natural state in a way never seen before. In the alternative future we are offering, perhaps we have left this world for somewhere else, but we must create shelter either way. The concept is immensely popular virtually in games such as Minecraft. We want to push it in real life through environment exploration: where science, stories and making meet, and the drive feels urgent.”

Insta: @abbyandalice.inbetween

Twitter: @abbyandalice


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