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Monday 10 June 2019

Secret Paths, Hidden Treasures

We take pride in our interesting history here at Orleans House Gallery and we love sharing quirky facts with you (one of our favourites is that Nellie Ionides, who saved the gallery from demolition, named her poodles after different champagne houses!)

Today we’re sharing something less glamorous but equally interesting… If you take a stroll in the woods surrounding Orleans House, you will come across a hidden tunnel… This is what originally connected the house to the river, leading to a landing stage for boats.

Someone who also shared this nifty design was Alexander Pope. The grotto and garden that he designed and built featured a tunnel leading beneath the road, allowing him private access from the house to the garden.

Why not come along and see for yourself? Explore the beautiful grounds surrounding Orleans House Gallery and immerse yourself in local history. Don’t forget, too often “’tis but a part we see, and not a whole”, so keep your eyes wide and your mind curious…

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