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Friday 8 May 2020

Found in the Orleans House Gallery Shop!

Learn more about the artists, makers and producers that are featured in our gallery shop. Jewellery maker Helen Delanghe is today’s focus.

Helen Delanghe: Designer jewellery combining nature and alchemy

Helen is a Twickenham-based jewellery designer and maker who has had a long and close association with the gallery. She works to a large extent at Redlees Studios in Isleworth but also spends a fair amount of time in Sussex.

Her work is inspired by coastal walks and by the treasures she finds on the beach and in woodland. Twigs and shells provide the vision for a range of stunning pendants, rings, cuffs and earrings.

In her studio she uses age-old methods of working with silver, copper and brass to produce effects – both subtle and dramatic – that change the character of the metal and the “nature” of each piece.

Her latest range is more industrial in feel and the chunky rings and pendants in which copper and brass have undergone various heat processes to take on iridescent colouring.

To see her latest designs, check out her Instagram page, where she posts her most recent creations.