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Friday 8 May 2020

See Saw @ Home – Collections

Join us every Friday for the next 9 weeks for activities for under 5s to do together with a grown up.  We will be exploring line, colour, shape, pattern, texture, design and composition, mass and volume and balance in fun and easy ways for little ones.

Nellie the mouse thinking about her collections and what she can create

In this first video you will meet Nellie the mouse and find out:

  • What is a collection?
  • What is an Art Gallery?
  • What is an Art Work?

Now watch this video and learn how to create your own collection. All you will need is a container (such as an old egg box or any box) and some things that you can collect.

There is an accessible document to walk you through this activity without the video, which can find underneath the video.

Share your collections with us #SeeSawAtHome #OrleansHouseGallery

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