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Friday 29 May 2020

See Saw @ Home – Shape

Join us on Friday for activities for under 5s to do together with a grown up.  We will be exploring line, colour, shape, pattern, texture, design and composition, mass and volume and balance in fun and easy ways for little ones.

This week is all about shape.

All you have to do is scroll through the page to see the artwork from the Borough Art Collection that has inspired us today.  Then carry on scrolling to find different activities which encourage you to See, Imagine and Create.

This is an assemblage by Hugh Lee.

Its called Accidental Owls.

What shapes had he used to make the owl bodies?

Can you see the circles he has used for eyes?

What shape is the beak?


See – Hide and Squeak

The owls are hiding in the picture.  The picture is called In the Wildereness and it is by Constant Auguste L’Aubiniere from 1896.

Look very carefully – how many owls can you see?

Zoom in and out to find them.  You can download the image so you can look a little closer.

Imagine – The owl that lost its beak

Create:  There are two things to create this week.

1. Accidental Owls

2. Shape Owls

Remember to share your creations with us #SeeSawAtHome #OrleansHouseGallery

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