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Monday 22 June 2020

Found in the Orleans House Gallery Shop!

Learn more about the artists, makers and producers that are featured in our gallery shop. We feature artist Jill Storey and her local scenes in this week’s article.

Jill Storey – Going with the Flow

Portrait of Jill Storey, seated in front of purple flowers

Jill has a long association with us and is a well-known local artist who studied at Gloucester College of Art and Design, as well as Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has exhibited many times at the gallery as well as supplying prints of her works for sale in the Shop.

Her luminous, semi-impressionistic interpretations of local landscapes are instantly recognisable. She is probably best known for views of the Thames and often sketches outdoors, to develop a painting later in her studio.

Walking to Richmond, Jill Storey, acrylic

Her medium tends to be watercolour, though she will often combine its fluidity with the strong, textured physical presence of pastel. Her love and knowledge of her stretch of the river, along with its surrounding landscapes and buildings has produced a body of work that captures the many seasonal and tidal moods of Twickenham and the Thames as it flows through it.

Lockdown has put a temporary block on sketching by the riverside and – isolated in the midst of half-completed building works – Jill has been turning her hand to subjects within the home and garden.