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Friday 3 July 2020

See Saw @ Home – Balance

Welcome to another See Saw @ Home – fun activities, encouraging you to See, Imagine and Create, for ages 5 and under to enjoy at home with a grown-up.

This week our theme is Balance.

Scroll down and find the artworks​ from the Borough Art Collection that have inspired us this week, then see and imagine with our balance-inspired storytelling.

Painting of a bowl of fruit with a silver pitcher and coffee pot
Still Life by Anne Finlay
Watercolour of a view across the Thames in Hammersmith with a boat in the foreground
Racing Post – Upper Mall River Thames Hammersmith by Christopher R Humbert, 1972

Look at the images above that have inspired our story.

Now watch the story. In this week’s Tail-Time, the mice from Orleans House Gallery decide to sail their boat across the river Thames and have a special picnic.


After enjoying our storytelling at home, you could find some of your favourite toys and/or objects and play around with placing these items in different places within a space i.e. on a rug, on a towel or within any border. You could look at and discuss what looks balanced and what looks unbalanced?

You could look out for balance at home: in pieces of art, in illustrations in picture books, on packaging designs, in photos, when laying out food on a plate, in architecture and or in nature.

Balance is also used when talking about forces; forces are pushes and pulls that can be balanced or unbalanced. Our balanced storytelling includes a boat and a seesaw, which can be good starting points for exploring forces.

Thank you for taking part in our See Saw @ Home activities over the last few weeks.  This is the final week of new activity, but please do revisit our past activities and share your creations with us at #SeeSawAtHome and #OrleansHouseGallery.

Click on the link below to revisit our Collections activity.  Find out all about what a collection is and create your own.