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Sunday 30 August 2020

Art Unlocked: The Video Diaries

This October Art Unlocked, an exhibition and response to the unfurling of Covid-19, will fill Orleans House Gallery.

Championing the work of one of Richmond’s most prolific creative assets, our visual arts community, Art Unlocked is an opportunity for visitors to share reflections by local artists, designers and makers on an extraordinary moment in time.

Below, a collection of video diaries created by our Art Unlocked artists explore the inspirations, thought processes and techniques behind the exhibition.

Art Unlocked takes place Friday 2 – Sunday 4 October 2020, 10am – 5pm. Each piece of art on display is original, for sale, and made in Richmond!

Tickets are free but please book a time slot here.

Bibi Lucile shares the story behind her painting Lockdown

‘I’m an actress based in London although now I’m doing paintings because over lockdown there hasn’t been a lot of acting work. My inspiration for my piece in Art Unlocked is a tarot card…’

Christina Schek has created a behind the scenes video of her piece On Vacation, Couchsurfing

‘When cracks in your walls start happening, when crisis and disaster strike, don’t waste them. No problems, no progress.’

Doina Moss shows us how she created the new lockdown window display at Leigh Gallery

She has also written a blog about the art work she created during lockdown, which you can find here.

Lockdown Art

Doina Moss changing a window display in the lockdown and creating a suitable graffity context, reminicent of chaos but as a background to order.

Posted by Leigh Gallery Hampton, UK on Monday, 8 June 2020

Nicky Browne reveals the initial sketches that helped create her lino cut View of St James church, Hampton hill from Richmond hill

‘I went up to the top of Richmond hill and drew a dusk…’

Sasa Marinkov gives us a tour of her studio and shares part of her printing process

Sue Roe shares a step by step video tutorial of her printing process

‘I took the drawing, photocopied it onto some tracing paper to make a transparency, and the transparency was put on top of a solar plate…’