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Monday 5 September 2022

Meet the artist: Julia Collar

Meet Julia Collar, our new artist delivering our Curious Tots early years programme.

Julia is a neurodivergent sensory practitioner creating theatre, sensory stories, resources and sensory trails/tours for early years children and/or people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities (SLD/PMLD).  

She is also a mum to nine year-old twins, one of whom is autistic and the other lives with chronic illness. Most of her work focuses on emotional development, mental health and wellbeing. She integrates experiences across nine sensory dimensions ensuring the involvement of the whole body and person. 

Her company is multi-award-winning Collar & Cuffs Co, established in 2016, with theatre productions reaching over 6,000 children each year in both traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces.  

Her sensory ethos encourages low or no-cost items as a way of modelling to families and practitioners, how they can integrate sensory experiences easily and affordably to support the mental health and emotional regulation of adults and children alike. Her work is keyword signed in Makaton/early sign to support inclusive communication, but also to aid expression and develop children’s visual attention. 

Her sensory trails and tours have been installed in Shakespeare’s own garden, Kew Gardens, the National Maritime Museum, MK Gallery, various theatres and even her own village. Julia enjoys singing, creating giant bubbles, looking at the night sky, exploring nature, and questing to find the greatest cup of coffee in the world (quest ongoing). 

As the lead facilitator of our Curious Tots programme, Julia will be questioning: how do play and imagination have an impact on everyday lives?

Learn more about Curious Tots sessions here: Curious Tots