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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Artist Gary Stewart embarks on a research expedition into the Richmond Borough Art Collection

A photograph of a black man staring towards the camera

Photo by Franklyn Rodgers

Artist Gary Stewart embarks on a research expedition into the Richmond Borough Art Collection leading to a new installation at Orleans House Gallery. 

Gary will dig up treasures and untold stories to craft an immersive experience. His excavation of our archives will intertwine history and modernity, reminiscent of the ever-changing flow of the Thames, which flows past the gallery. The centrepiece of the exhibition is an audio-visual montage. It rises from his excavation – a collective sonic space, a ripple in time, weaving together past layers and imagined futures.  

Through a unique exploration of identity and belonging, Gary’s research culminates in a show that invites us to reflect on our shared past and contemplate the threads that connect us. No two histories will ever be the same. We each bring our own ideas, memories, opinions, analyses and emotions. 


About the artist  

Gary Stewart is a London-based artist. He is known for interdisciplinary work across social practice, performance and installations.    

His projects emerge out of developing participatory spaces of reimagination. These bring together the voices and stories of everyday people and experts. They respond to historical and contemporary material; also, to content that explore issues of culture, diaspora and location.    

He is a member of a worldwide network of collaborators who advocate for equality, climate justice and improved health, particularly through the arts, with a focus on marginalised communities. 

He is also founder member of artist group Dubmorphology. His recent projects have taken place at Gropius Bau, Berlin; Beaconsfield Art Gallery, London; Herbert Gallery, Coventry; Southbank Centre, London; Berlin Global Village; Roundhouse, London; V&A, London; St Paul’s Cathedral, London; and Art Souterrain, Montréal.


The exhibition opens in July 2024. Gary’s research and creativity unfurls at Orleans House Gallery.