Self-guided trip to Mirror Shape Play

Mirror Shape Play is an interactive exhibition that combines visual arts and science to create an unconventional playground where children can explore, experiment and imagine together. The exhibition takes inspiration from anamorphic art; a technique that uses light, reflection and perception to alter how the world looks.  

Your class are invited to visit the gallery and explore how your reflections warp and wobble, experiment, transform shapes in the mirror and lead your own play adventures. The space presents infinite opportunities for your class to play openly, shape the gallery and let your imaginations wander. What will children create with the blocks? Where will their secret den take them? What will they find amongst the shapes?   

Pupils receive worksheets to have a go at making their own anamorphic drawings. We will also provide a series of prompts and suggested activities that teachers can lead their class through to engage further with the concepts of the exhibition in the gallery and beyond. 

This activity is free and available from 30 June until 15 July (Tuesday to Friday only).  

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Target audience – Nursery to Year 3. 

Links to the school curriculum:

Everyday materials 

  • Identify, name  and describe a variety of everyday materials  
  • find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

Working scientifically  

  • A space for scientific enquiry, making and reporting observations


  • recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines 
  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye 
  • explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes 


  • To use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination 
  • To develop [awareness of] a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space