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Monday 15 October 2018

Top 3 things to do at Orleans House Gallery this Half Term

1. Take part in one of our creative drop-off art workshops!

Children can unleash their inner artist in our Playful Portraits Project consisting of three fun workshops; People in 2D!, People in 3D! and People in Mystery!, where children will explore a range of techniques to capture characteristics and features of real and imaginary characters. Children can take part in one, two, or all three of the workshops, though they must be booked separately.

Or join us for a half day workshop with Nature Play! to explore mark making with natural tools, and create your own cheeky character!

2. Hunt for meteorites in our grounds 

Earlier this month we took part in the world’s biggest drawing festival! Thank you to all the awesome artists, doodling dreamers and first-time illustrators who helped us celebrate.

Inspired by the adventures of the Victorian Explorer Sir Richard Burton we decorated our very own ‘meteorites’ and then hid them around the Gallery, grounds and beyond! How many will you be able to find?

3. Go camping in the Collection Curiosities exhibition

Families worked together to decorate tents fit for Gallery explorers; come and see their final creations and marvel at some of our more unusual objects and artworks whilst camping in the middle of the Gallery.