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Monday 1 June 2020

Found in the Orleans House Gallery Shop!

Learn more about the artists, makers and producers that are featured in our gallery shop. This week we take a look at ethical and eco-friendly handmade brand Nkuku.

Nkuku – An ethical story

Nkuku was formed in 2003 by Ali and Alex Cooke after they returned from a round the world trip, deeply impressed by the craftsmanship of local artisans.

Ali and Alex went on to establish those artisans and makers as part of an international network of creativity, skills and traditional ways of working, that allows beautiful homewares, kitchenware, furniture, leatherwork and jewellery to be made available to discerning shoppers.

They meet and work with all the makers personally – independent businesses, fair trade enterprises, social projects or co-operatives – supporting them and celebrating those skills.

The Nkuku ethos is ethical and eco-friendly. Natural materials such as cotton, rattan and hemp are mainstays of production, whilst recycled metal, wood and glass are key in the hand-made process.

Sustainability underpins the company and it means more to them than environmental awareness:

“To satisfy material and immaterial needs, we need economic well-being and a society based on solidarity. The effect of today’s actions on the future must be taken into account, so that future generations can also satisfy their needs.”

Nkuku products are not just stylish, each one is individual, ethical and friendly to the planet.