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Friday 12 June 2020

See Saw @ Home – Pattern

Join us on Friday for activities for under 5s to do together with a grown up.  We will be exploring line, colour, shape, pattern, texture, design and composition, mass and volume and balance in fun and easy ways for little ones.

This week is all about pattern.

All you have to do is scroll through the page to find the artwork from the Borough Art Collection that has inspired us today.  Then carry on scrolling to find different activities which encourage you to See, Imagine, Create and Feel.


Watch the trailer to find out what we are thinking about this week.

This week we will be exploring Pattern.

This is a print by William Hogarth.  It’s called “Characters and Caricaturas” made in 1743.

Can you see all the heads? There are lots of different heads that the artist has put together to make a pattern. When you have lots of people together in one place we call it a crowd.


See – Spot the hats

There are some blue and red spotty hats in the picture.

Look very carefully at this copy of Hogarth’s print – how many spotty hats can you see?

You can download the picture so you can zoom in and out to find them.

Imagine – Pattern Heads

Create – Patterns

Imagine – Patterns Crowds

Create – Pattern Heads

Feel – Feeling Heads Audio Activity

Don’t forget to share what you are doing #SeeSawAtHome #OrleansHouseGallery

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