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Friday 5 June 2020

See Saw @ Home – Texture

Welcome to another SeeSaw @ Home – 9 weeks of activities for ages 5 and under to do at home with a grown-up.

This week is all about Texture.

Scroll down to find the artwork​ from the Borough Art Collection that has inspired us this week, then join us for a storytelling and activity exploring Texture.

See – Look at the Painting:

A painting of the outside of a bakery

This is an oil painting called Gaunt’s Bakery by artist James Lewis.  What can you see?

Imagine – Tail Time:

Watch the video below. The mice of Orleans House bring us James Lewis’s painting of a bakery for our storytelling. A friendly baker shares a story with us; in their story, we hear about different textures. Which textures do you like best?

At the end of the video, there is an activity. If you wish, you can use some items that you may have at home for the activity. These items are:

  • Any kind of spoon – wooden, plastic, metal.
  • A smooth piece of paper – you can then scrunch it up together and feel and see the difference.
  • A fallen leaf – any kind of leaf that is safe to touch and hold.

Together you can look at, feel and discuss these items textures. What other textures can you see and feel at home?

Do share with us your pictures and let us know your thoughts using #OrleansHouseGallery #SeeSawAtHome

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