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Friday 5 May 2023

Families Imagine a Rewilded London

In February half term 2023, families joined us as part of our Let’s Get Creative programme, to reimagine London with artist Jane Plowright.   

The interactive exhibit invited visitors to physically walk into the picture with a paintbrush in hand and draw nature into the streets of London. Families put trees in the roads, rare flowers on the pavements, butterflies and wildlife wherever they liked, and filled the tube with wildflowers and mushrooms. We didn’t worry about if it ‘works’, that’s not for now, we can dream first and be sensible later.  

Jane Plowright/Vowsy Moonhouse is an artist-botanist, fashion designer and chocolatier with an interest in filling the world with trees and flowers. Based in Wolverhampton and London they work collaboratively creating playful installations that try to conjure a safer kinder gentler greener beautifuller world. They see art as radical imagination: disconnected from aesthetics and ‘things’ since Hegel, it is free to be pluralistic humorous playful democratic ingenious. Vowsy Moonhouse likes art that takes existing ideas and plays with them, art that asks what is real, what could be real. They are the founder of the kids rewilding charity Planet Appreciation Society.