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Friday 22 March 2019

Final Artists Unveiled!

Meet the final two Reimagine artists

Somaya Critchlow

Detail of Untitled, Somaya Critchlow

Somaya Critchlow explores the portrayal of the self and the psychological aspect of the black female body through popular culture. Her use of different scales and exaggerated, alluring female forms create an open-ended narrative which combines and subverts cultural expectations of race, gender and power in the history of portraiture.

Tahira Mandarino

Tahira Mandarino works in a range of different media including drawing, film, installation and performance. Her art has been exhibited both locally and nationally and was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017. Tahira focuses primarily on the theme of absence, looking at uncovering the hidden language of what we cannot see and finding ways to illustrate the ‘reveal’.

Tahira is also the founder of Raw Ground Arts, which develops corporate and educational programmes including Drawing Matters, reintroducing the importance of drawing to young people.