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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Meet the Reimagine Artists!

We’ll be introducing you to all 11 artists exhibiting in Reimagine. Check back over the next few days for more!

Alexandra Robb

Detail of Black Walnut Tree, Alexandra Robb

Alexandra Robb has worked with wildlife and nature conservation in Richmond for many years and has a passion for and in depth knowledge of local wildlife. Alex is also a wildlife illustrator and works predominantly with fine art print techniques. She produces images of the natural world using lino cut, wood cut and wood engraving as well as printing from natural structures such as leaves and grasses, often introducing elements of mixed media to reflect the chaos found in nature.

Ann Bubis

Victorian Tea, Ann Bubis

Ann Bubis has had a distinguished creative career, running a successful animation studio, culminating in two golds at the New York Film Festival. One of her sculptures has been displayed at the V&A and her work has been exhibited worldwide. Ann is intrigued by our ‘throwaway society’ whereby the spirits of objects are lost, yet still intertwined with memories. Through her art, Ann aspires to re-capture the essence of our ancestral history which is hidden in these objects.

Annie Marie Akussah

Detail of Hold Everything Dear, Annie Marie Akussah

Born in Accra, Ghana, Annie Marie Akussah explores identity, belonging and the authenticity of identification documents within the context of inter-African migration. The multiplicity of materials, techniques and medium used within her work enables her to use different avenues to explore painting without any boundaries.