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Friday 15 May 2020

See Saw @ Home – Line

Join us on Friday for activities for under 5s to do together with a grown up.  We will be exploring line, colour, shape, pattern, texture, design and composition, mass and volume and balance in fun and easy ways for little ones.

This week is all about line.

Scroll through the page to find an artwork from the Borough Art Collection that has inspired us today and then three activities which encourage you to See, Imagine and Create.

This is an etching by Seymour Hudson in 1864 called Brentford.

An etching is a type of print.

Look closely and you will see the picture is made up of lots of lines.

Wiggly lines, straight lines, dark lines, light lines.

Can you see all the lines the artist has used to make the trees and earth?

Can you make your body in a wiggly line?

Can you make your body into a straight line?


See – Hide and Squeak

Nellie and her friend are hiding in the etching.

Look very carefully – how many mice can you see?

Zoom in and out to find them.


Download the image to have a closer look.



Imagine – Standing by the riverbank

Watch and listen to this short video for inspiration and then go and see what lines you can find around you in your everyday life.

Create: Line snakes and worms

Follow the instructions and make your own snakes and worms.  An accessible walkthrough of this activity can be found below the video.

Remember to share your creations with us #SeeSawAtHome and #OrleansHouseGallery

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