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Sunday 7 February 2021

Sunday Afternoon Art – Create your own poetry inspired by Pope’s Grotto

Sunday Afternoon Art is our monthly creative activity for families with children aged 4 plus. Activities are designed for you to do together as a family.

We are very excited to be working in partnership with the Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust to bring you some activity inspired by Alexander Pope. If you didn’t know, Pope lived in Twickenham and the grotto, which lived under his house, survives to this day and is currently being conserved. You can find out all about the wonderful work at the Grotto here: Popes Grotto. This month the wonderful Adam Kammerling has created a multi-disciplinary activity where you can design your own grotto design before making your own poem inspired by it.  Scroll through and watch the videos to see what to do. Or alternatively, download the walkthrough here.

You will need:

  • Tape: Adam uses electrical tape, but masking tape will work too (don’t use parcel tape as this is a little sticky). If you don’t have tape, you can use something else to mark out your space such as string or even toilet paper.  Check with an adult before you get started.
  • Paper: Adam uses post-it notes but you can use whatever you have.  If you want smaller paper, you can cut some down with scissors (ask an adult for help).
  • Scissors
  • Pen/pencil

Warm-Up: In this first video, meet Adam and do some quick drawings to get us ready.

Creating our Grottos: In this video learn a little about who Alexander Pope was, make your own grotto and draw things to go inside.

Plan of the Grotto of the late Alexr Pope, Esq. at Twickenham, 1785

Writing poems: In this video you will use your grotto as inspiration to create a poem just like Pope.

This activity has been generously funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust’s conservation project. We would appreciate your time in completing this short survey.

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