French Connections

Louis Philippe, Duc d’Orléans lived here in exile from 1815-1817. He enjoyed the tranquility of Twickenham, writing: I bless heaven, morning, noon and night that I am in my peaceful house in old Twick.

He became King of the French in 1830 and revisited his former Twickenham home in 1844 accompanied by Queen Victoria.

Louis’s son, Henri, Duc d’Aumale, lived here for nearly two decades from 1852. He built a gallery and library next to the house. His extensive collection of masterpieces, which he brought here by river, included two paintings by Raphael and works by the French and Italian Schools. These are now in the Château de Chantilly near Paris.

Sandos after Winterhalter, Louis Philippe, c. 1830, Engraving, Richmond Borough Art Collection