Connections with Britain’s Colonial History

Like many large estates and houses, Orleans House has deep connections with Britain’s colonial history. Our colonial history continues to have a major impact on contemporary culture and society through inequality and racism. The relationship between houses like Orleans and colonialism has always existed but it has rarely been set at the centre of the stories we have told. Highlighting this history enables a better understanding of the roots of today’s inequalities and deliver our vision of building community through creativity.

The Orleans House Gallery was opened as a public gallery in 1972. Its foundation was based on Nellie’s gift, the passion of local people and the foresight of the local authority. Since opening, the gallery has continued to change and develop as a space for innovative and engaging exhibitions as well as the home to Richmond Arts Service and its programme of events and arts education.  After a period of great upheaval, social change, and a new team in place, the Arts Service is ready to develop new work and programmes. We are committed to developing a diverse programme that reflects the most exciting art being made today. We acknowledge the need to do this in partnership with artists of colour, diverse led arts organisations, and a broad range of community partners from across the Borough and London.

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